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Some Cool Stuff Happened


People interviewed me for publication HERE and HERE.

Tent Children’s Literature Conference

I was recently honored to receive a scholarship to the Tent Children’s Literature Conference which I will be attending in Amherst, Massachusetts this coming April. To hear more about this conference read HERE.

FEDCAP Annual Gala

In 2017 my book I PROMISE YOU about my grandmother’s experiences during the Holocaust was honored by Fedcap and distributed at their annual gala.


In 2016 I was privileged to receive a mentorship from the inimitable Jessica Vitalis through the Pitchwars contest. Read about that experience HERE.

How I Got My Agent

Read about how I got my agent, Saba Sulaiman of Talcott Notch Literary Services HERE.

Jerusaem Women's Writing Conference

I am honored to be an annual presenter at the Jerusalem Women’s Writing Conference. Check it out HERE.

I Promise You Play

My manuscript, I PROMISE YOU was used as the basis of a play called MANUSIA’S PROMISE, written and produced by Dominique Cieri, Playwright and Master Teaching Artist.

A Special Petal

In 2012 some of my fiction stories were approved for study for the National Matriculation Exams by the Ministry of Education in Israel and subsequently published in a national textbook. Students approach me all the time who have studied my work in their classrooms! Pretty awesome. Read one of my stories which was the basis for a textbook unit HERE.

Getting Rid of Jeremy

In 2007 my manuscript, GETTING RID OF JEREMY received the Sydney Taylor Manuscript Award. Read the acceptance speech HERE.

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