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Malky and Shimon Mendelson harbor a dark secret that colors the lenses through which they look at the world...and their children, for all the good impressions they may give to the world, are struggling mightily, too...

Malky and Shimon Mendelson should be at the apex of their lives. Most of their children have already settled down, and it should be time for them to sit back and reap the rewards of having raised them. But that’s far from their reality. Malky and Shimon harbor a dark secret that colors the lenses through which they look at the world.

And their children aren’t doing as well as it might appear on the outside.

Zahava is embroiled in a bitter dispute with one of her colleagues, and she’s beginning to think that she’s jinxed as she continues to daven for another child.

Chaim the real estate agent can’t seem to make a sale, so why is his wife Miri running up mile-long credit card bills?

Nussy is the quintessential talmid chacham who should be starting shidduchim, but he’s holding on to a secret of his own and he wonders if he’ll ever find his perfect match.

Shoshana can’t seem to find her place in the family. When changing her name isn’t enough, she dabbles in arranging a shidduch for Nussy with unexpected results.

As each of the Mendelsons evolves in their individual struggle, something is unearthed which threatens to unravel the very fabric of which this family has been stitched.

Will the Mendelsons be able to hold together their very Fragile Thread?

A Fragile Thread
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